Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder

Sorry i've been awol a bit recently - life has been busy! But here i am with a quick review for you!

I bought the Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder when i ran out of my last setting powder - the Pixiwoo sisters use it regularly on their youtube channel so i thought it must be good! I also wanted something that wasn't completely matte as i'm enjoying the glow of the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation i reviewed here. At only £6.49 i was sure i was onto a winner when i swatched it in store and found a lovely smooth powder without a hint of chalkiness!

I got the lightest shade and unfortunately it isn't very light at all and certainly not light enough for me! It's ok when i first apply but throughout the day it gathers around any dry areas (of which i don't have many) and looks obviously orange! It also does little to stop oiliness and i don't find my foundation doesn't lasts much longer with it than without it!

Another thing i failed to notice in store (and that you can only just notice in the above photo) is the powder's luminosity comes from fine glitter particles...something i definitely don't like during the day!

So overall i'm very disappointed with this powder and it's my first dud that i've found in the Sleek's now been confined to my gym bag with the vague hope that i'll either use it up eventually or drop it...

Has anyone else tried this powder?


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